UncategorizedUsing Video Games to Keep Your Kids Active Physically And Mentally

AdminNovember 29, 2019266 min

With the days growing colder and the winter months starting to set in, it’s easy for your kids to come home from school and stay inside watching TV instead of playing, running around, and using their imaginations to make up games with friends. For parents, this is often met with secret relief, as you don’t really want to be standing outside in the biting wind supervising your children either. At the same time though, you want to encourage them to be healthy and active throughout winter – both physically and mentally.

With tablets, smartphones, laptops, internet and television readily available to kids nowadays, it can be increasingly difficult to tear them away from the various screens in the house. However, you can use online games for kids to your advantage, especially on the days where you just want to stay inside. From active kids’ games to educational ones, there’s a lot of ways you can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to entertain the kids their way, but keep them healthy, active, and engaged.

You could start by finding a fun online fitness video. There are plenty aimed at children which incorporate dancing, music, games and activities. A simple Google search will reveal a whole host of YouTube videos, anna og lotte complete with fun hosts. Hook your computer up to the TV and put the exercise video on the big screen! If you do it with them or get other siblings or friends involved, they’ll have a great time. Perhaps you and your neighbours could each host a fun workout session with all the kids? The most important thing is to keep everything fun and light-hearted, so that the exercise gets them excited, rather than unleashes a tirade of ‘BUT I DON’T WANNA!!’

If your kids are into video games, there is an easy way to use this to your advantage. While you could use them as a reward for something, it would be easier to make sure that their gaming time is productive. One way to do this is to let them play games that you feel are teaching them something. Perhaps they could play an adventure game where they have to solve a puzzle or quiz to advance to a new level? However, a lot of older children will resist this unless they enjoy the subject matter.

If you want them to release some energy and get their blood pumping, you might have to be creative. We suggest that you look into an “active” game for your games console. There are a multitude of options that do a good job of keeping kids active in a fun way that they’ll really enjoy. You could try Just Dance, Kids Zumba, Rush or Wipeout to name a few.

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