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A corporate gift is a kind of gift that is bestowed on a recipient by a company or business house. Corporate gifts or presents, may be given as a term of showing appreciation for the efforts made by the recipient that may have benefited the business. In other hand, a corporate gift may sometimes gifted as a one-time presentation to a local municipality or charity house as a mean of the company’s community outreach efforts.

About corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are mainly those that are given by a business or company to their employees, customers or associates that are employed with them. Corporate Gift Items can include key chains, dairies, notepads, calendars, etc. These are the gift items which usually presented by most companies as corporate gifts. But a gift like it, can be anything which must represent their products or services. Actually companies are always have a target audience to whom it is given. Corporations often utilize these gifts of to recognize their employees who have rendered their services to the company that is considered above and beyond the usual expectations. The gift may be in the form of cash, or involve some type of tangible product like valuable electronic item, or even an all-expense paid vacation for the employee and their family.

Strategy behind it

Presenting corporate gifts to customers is a relatively common public relations strategy of any business. It is not unusual for business houses to gift clients by means of token or gesture of appreciation when the very customer has generated an equitable amount of profit over the past calendar year. Many companies typically choose the December holidays as the ideal time to send a company gifts to each client who meets the criteria established by the corporate house.

Value Addition

Valuing hard-work of an individual at the workplace is the best way to acknowledge how important the person indeed. A gift presented at the workplace to recognize an employee for their exceptional performance and/or to celebrate a festival with employees, the term Corporate Gift comes into scenario. In short, it’s a present received in a professional corporate setup. Nowadays corporate gifting has become an integral part of driving a successful business. Corporate gifts actually help to build new relationships and strengthen the old ones, create goodwill as well as promote the business. The right gift at a right time to the targeted person is the best way of conveying how important the relationship with him is to a corporation.


Corporate gifts as of now be an important tool in the marketing communication process. A properly timed as well as an appropriate gift is one of the best ways of conveying the acknowledgement that a relationship matters. A corporate gift can be everything and anything like a stationary to an all-inclusive holiday tour. The type of gifts used in, is only limited by the imagination. Companies that wish to purchase these types of gifts and incentives can choose from a seemingly wide range of items from the corporate gifting companies who are dealing with the same.


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