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Which Aion Warrior is Best For You – Gladiator Or Templar?
Warriors would be the tanks of aion. They form the first distinctive line of defence in almost any quest group setup. Up there at the front, with boss mob bashing upon them, praying for the god of ‘Agro Control’, how the healer they teamed up with knows their job.
In aion, their are two warrior classes, the templar and the gladiator. The class that you choose really boils downs to two kinds of players. Those that like to pvp, and those that prefer to pve. For aion, templars are for pve, and gladiators are for pvp. That’s not to state that you simply cannot pvp using a templar, or pve with the gladiators, but using the skill and stigmas now available, they’re suitable to play their main roles.
Typical Templar Build
Templars should equip themselves having a sword and shield, without doubt. The shield needs to be used for blocks and stuns. The gear stats should include shield rates and hp. This setup is great for PvE, and allows the templars to execute their primary roles because main tank with the great. Having such a high defence, means that this healer classes don’t need to heal all the, reducing mana costs, and generating less agro to the healer.
This build is not detrimental to PvP either. Having such high defence and health improves your survivability immensely. In one to a single situations, you will sometimes outlast other classes, though stigma additions such as the Prey skill are necessary, because they stop ranged classes from flying off.
Typical Gladiator Build
Main weapons of preference is the polearm. With this you’ll be to aoe sets of enemies. The gear stats must always include physical attack and crit rate. For damage dealing you ought to equip yourself which has a polearm. You will have a higher opportunity to crit which has a polearm, causing you to a burst damage killer. Burst damage in any pvp situation wins the battles, as healers do not have the chance to heal your target, as would in a very prolonged fight.
So the stats in your equipment ought to be crit, attack power and health. You will need health as the plate armour won’t be that effective against magical attacks. In pve, you should have the role from the off-tank. You will be be upfront with templar, making certain any extra mobs pulled tend not to break through to your healers and ranged classes with your group. Having high damage making you capable to grab agro quickly, along with your plate armour makes sure that the healer just isn’t too stressed if you do.
In conclusion when you reach level 10, think for a long time what role you want to experience in Aion. These two warrior classes share exactly the same base class as much as level 10, though the gameplay is vastly different after you have chosen your job path.