Fashion and LifestyleWays to Wear Men’s Slim-Fit Chinos Ideal For Every Occasion

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Chinos are the most versatile and easy-to-go trousers for men. They are casual bottom wear black denim jeans. That not all of them are suitable to wear. With so many options to choose from, deciding on the right one can be challenging. But all of it gets simple once you know the way to style them. Men’s slim-fit chinos are easy to wear once you know their style.

What is a chino?

It can be defined as the mix of formal trouser casual fabric. They have been there in the fashion industry for a long time and hold a strong place today. They are crafted in versatile materials and different cuts suitable for urban streets or a cocktail party. 

The slim-fit chino pants in khaki color have gained the next level of attention. They have revamped the classic pants matching the expectations of contemporary men. That being said, read how you can style these chino pants. 

Chino fit and style

The set and style of the chinos depend on the occasion you are carrying them to. 

The formal occasions are suited for mid-waist cotton pants that look like separate trousers. Look for a pair of chinos that sit nicely on your hips and have the right length of your legs. You can also achieve the cinched look by rolling up the ankles by 1.5 to 2 inches. 

2021 is more about slim-fit chinos with slightly wider legs with ankles rolled up. It is a fifties look that can’t look pale. 

Try on the colors

Though khaki is the typical color of a chino, trying on a new color is ideal for summer or spring. 

Choose soothing shades like lilac grey and rose to peach and light red. These are easy to wear colors in seasons like spring. The brightness of these colors with an extravagant blazer and boho shirt with a silk scarf would make you look over the top. 

Therefore, you do not always have to stay classic. Grey and Navy chinos are the trends for formal and informal events. You can even try something more earthen like forgest green, taupe sand, or rocky charcoal for a night out. 

What to pair with your chinos

Chinos and t-shirt

The most timeless look you can carry with chinos is a basic t-shirt. You can go with any color of men’s slim-fit chinos matching with a black or white t-shirt. Choose either a basic or striped tee paired with white sneakers. And you’ll be set for exuding an effortless look. 

Chinos and a shirt

If you need to add a formal touch to your chinos, pair it with a casual shirt. A classic button-down shirt tucked in the chinos will complement the traditional look perfectly. You can go for stripes and patterns but make sure that you do not overboard the look. 

Chinos and a bomber jacket

The cooler days start ringing the bell; complement your chinos with a casual bomber jacket. Wear either a t-shirt underneath or a light knit. 

At last, ensure to choose a perfect fit for your chinos and go with the colors that match the season. Balance the look just right, and you’ll pull it off!


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