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If I were to ask you what life is, I am almost certain most of you will not be able to answer. Even though everybody is going through it, nobody can decipher it. Upon concluding, the meaning of life for my friends and me was different. In my opinion, life meant happiness; if you are appeased with whatever is given to you; your life’s purpose is complete. For my friend, it meant freedom, freedom to be you, freedom to dress, freedom of thoughts and freedom to travel the world.

In the present scenario, the majority of us relate a unique lifestyle to money. The more you are earning, the better your living standard is going to be. From a perspective, it is true. Money is necessary to live comfortably, but why do people still chase money when they already have enough for two lifetimes. If only money equated to a good life and to be happy, then probably every poor person on this planet would be living in depression and every rich guy would be filled with the joys of spring.

But that is not the case, the poor are joyful, and the rich do face anxiety. As someone wise once said-

“Money can buy you a bed, but from where would you buy sleep.”

Running after materialistic things is a common trait in all of us. Wearing the most expensive watches and driving the most luxurious cars is the penultimate goal for many of us as if these are what will make our afterlife pleasant.

Who is the culprit? 

I believe social media is at fault here. You would ask me why? I do have a logical reason behind it, but we would have to go to an era where Facebook and instagram did not exist. Imagine yourself in the early 20th century, when the internet was nobody’s reality. At that time, people valued relationships; for them, the family was the most important. The per capita income was barely 10% of what it is now; still, people knew the art of living. 

The quality of life may not have been filled with luxuries; not many owned a car. Even with the war looming over their heads, people found contentment. Why, because they were not comparing themselves with others.

Doing a total 180, today competitiveness has made relationships superficial, even amongst siblings. Various social media platforms were developed so that people could stay connected with their loved ones, but it has done quite the opposite. Instead of being happy by looking at a post of your friend who is backpacking through Europe, you get jealous. Instead of wanting to share your moments with your friends, you covet the highest number of likes and views. These social media portals are dominated by celebrities and influencers that only end up making the ordinary man feel worthless compared to them. 

So, what does he do about it? 

My friend told me a story that may provide us with an answer. The story she told me about was of a boy named Alfred, who wanted more from life, more money, more respect, higher status and even immortality if he could. He had gone to an Ivy League university and made friends who were from affluent families. However, he was from a middle-class background.

Alfred’s friends got everything they desired, and sadly he couldn’t. After university, he got a well-paying job, but he wasn’t appeased by it. When his friend bought a Range Rover, he decided to get one too, applied for a loan and bought it. When his other friend bought a 24-carat diamond for his girlfriend, he went ahead and bought a bigger shinier ring for his girlfriend. This imitation game kept on going until Alfred was drowning in debt, so much so that everything that he had bought had to be sold. In the end, he was left with nothing, no money, no job, and indeed no friend.

Instead of just trying to catch up with society’s set pedestal of a healthful lifestyle, had he focused on building relationships and finding happiness, a bright young man’s future would not have suffered such a fate.

A change in mindset

The purpose of writing this blog is to make you stop dwelling on what other people have. The notion of materialism has to be shunned altogether. It is because of this that people are thinking of irrational reasons to justify their senseless desires and regretting them later on. 

If we learnt to be content with just how much we have the concepts like loans for bad credit that mandate no guarantor and no fees with the instant decision would cease to exist. Why would you need to hurry when taking on a massive burden like a long term debt? 

Bad credit would not be a problem for people if they would know how to survive without unnecessary wants.

At last, the way you decide to live your life is entirely your choice, and I cannot interfere with that. I want you to ask yourself one question- 

If you were the richest man alive on this planet but had no real friends or family to share your wealth with, would you be happy? The answer will make you choose your priority.


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