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What All Precautions You Should Take to Protect Your Smart Phone?

The thought that strikes our mind first when we purchase a smart phone is its PROTECTION. It is not possible that we can safeguard our phone 24*7. And if you have fumble fingers, then dropping a phone might cause damage or breakage to your phone leading to its screen repair or body replacement.

But protection is not restricted to its physical care. Likewise, system protection is equally required to give a holistic protection to your phone.

So, what can you do to protect your mobile?

Here are some of the precautions or measures that you can take to protect your smart phone.

1. Put a phone lock

People are careless with their phone locks. It has been found that about 50% people do not lock their phone or put any password on it. It is a trivial matter but not so negligible if your phone gets stolen, lost or misplaced. Without a phone lock, your personal data is in jeopardy. If you do not want to be under such threat, then put a pattern lock or fingerprint detection to keep the criminals at bay.

2. Encryption of storage

Though you have put a screen lock on your phone, it is advisable to put a lock on your storage apps as well. You cannot let a stranger going through your emails, photos, videos etc. Use a two-factor authentication for your Google services as well. This type of authentication would help you in blocking the intruder from getting inside your mailbox easily as you will be informed through a verification number.

3. Be careful while using your phone

It happens to most of us that we are not aware of where we have placed our phone. And a little distraction leads to some serious damage to the phone’s body. Thus pay attention to where your phone is being kept. Keep it away from children or pets as they might accidentally drop it. Do not use the phone inside a washroom or it might get damaged from water. You surely do not want to spend thousands on your screen repair or microphone change with every single mistake.

4. Set up a malware protection

When its a matter of securing your personal data, we can never forget the damage caused by viruses to our phone’s performance. To keep yourself away from the targets of malicious parties, install an anti-virus application on your phone that can keep your phone away from system damage. A regular analysis of phone during any video or app download would never allow the viruses to attack your system.

5. Put the phone in a durable and unbreakable cover

A robust cover does not let your phone slip away from your fingers. If your phone gets dropped accidentally, the cover will be the first level of protection during its fall. You should use covers having ridges that will not let your phone just slip away easily.

6. Switch off the wireless connection if not in use

Today’s users keep their wireless connection “on” even if they are not in use. Connecting with a Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot gives an increased speed to your connection. But, often it happens that such wireless connections result in connection with some malicious parties that should not be connected with. Thus, for this potential security concern and to mitigate the risk factor, keep your wireless disconnected if not in use. If you are working within a corporate environment and need to have a clear access to your internet connections, you can make use of VPN to set up a secured private network.

7. Do not use any third-party apps

Recent reports have shown that the majority of viruses come from unknown third-party apps. Try to keep your downloads specific i.e. from Google Play Store or App Store if you are concerned about your security. Though there are fake apps that are available, these official channels have made sure that your app is fully authentic and valid.

8. Keep a backup of your data

You never know if you have to make an accidental factory reset of your phone or if your data will get lost out of sudden. To save yourself from such difficult situations, keep a backup of your data at some other secure location.

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