Fashion and LifestyleWhat are Ethnic Clothing Items? Some of the Ethnic Clothing Items that are Worn by Women of Different Religions.

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What are clothes? Clothes are items that are used by people to protect their bodies from different types of weather. Other than protection there are so many reasons that make wearing of clothes necessary. For example, clothes make the identification of working people easy, give status to people. These are the other reasons that make wearing clothes important. 

What is the meaning of ethnic clothing items? Ethnic clothing items are the clothing items that are worn by people for special occasions. There are numerous kinds of ethnic clothing items and each religion and culture have their ethnic dresses. People can easily buy ethnic clothing such as Lengha Choli, Ghaghara, dhoti, kaftan, abaya online.

Some of the ethnic clothing items that are used by women of different cultures and religions are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Lengha Choli:
  2. Lengha Choli is an ethnic dress that is worn by women’s of all cultures and religions. Choli is the upper portion of the dress whereas Lengha is the lower part of the dress.
  3. These are the ethnic dresses that are worn by for marriages and parties. Lengha Choli is available in different types of designs and colors.
  4. Saree:
  5. Saree is again an ethnic dress that is worn by ladies in marriages and parties. Nowadays, saree is worn by women for casual purposes also.
  6. Saree is a piece of cloth that is draped around the body and is worn with a pair of a blouse. Saree is the oldest form of dress that is used by women to cover their bodies.
  7. Abayas:
  8. Abayas are the kurta like clothing items that the Muslim women wear to cover themselves up. These are the dresses that are usually worn by women for parties and marriages.
  9. Abayas are made from black or grey synthetic cloth which is embroidered from sleeves and neck. People can easily buy designer Abayas online from Modest Forever.
  10. Salwar Suit:
  11. Salwar suit is again a dress that comes under the category of ethnic wear. Salwar is the cloth that is worn on the lower body whereas suit is the cloth that is worn to cover the upper body.
  12. Salwar suit is the ethnic wear of Punjabi women’s but now it is worn by almost all the women’s of North India.
  13. These are the dresses that are used by women for casual purposes also. People can easily buy Salwar suits of different designs from online shopping sites.
  14. Sharara:
  15. Sharara is an ethnic clothing item that is used by Muslim women’s for parties and functions. Sharara is also worn by the bride of the Muslim religion.
  16. Sharara is a suit and loose pant like dresses. In today’s time, everyone is wearing ethnic dresses in different cultures.

These above mentioned are some of the ethnic clothing items that are used by women of different cultures and religions for functions and events.


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