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YouvrajMay 9, 2020556 min

Most women are confused about what is moisturizing lip butter and lip balm. We see these products advertised everywhere, and some think they are just interchangeable when they are not. It’s a tough question because it depends on who you ask.

Many people think that if a product contains lip balm, it is necessarily the same thing. That’s not true.

If you look at the ingredient list on a product containing lip balm, there will most likely be no lip balm listed. Lip balm is often found to add moisture to the lips. That’s not the same as lip butter.

Carmex Supercran Lip Balm base contains ingredients that can help soften the lips, as well as moisturize them. Some of the common ingredients in lip balms include:

However, while lip balm can be an excellent replacement for lipstick, it is not the same as moisturizing lip butter. Lip balm is often thick and greasy. It’s hard to remove unless it’s mixed with water, which is even harder.

The answer to the question, “What is moisturizing lip butter?” becomes clear when you understand what it is for.

Lip balm is used to soften the lips. It can provide instant moisture and protection from the sun. It’s even used in the case of sunburn, where it provides the lips with the protective layer that is needed to prevent the skin from becoming irritated.

Softening the lips is especially important if you have worn your lips down for long periods. That’s especially true if you’ve spent most of your life wearing shades or lipsticks that darken or under-darken the lips. Doing so can cause the lips to be misaligned or worse yet, even have a chapped, bleeding lip.

Lip balm can soften and moisturize the lips when used properly. It can also provide an instant cooling sensation when applied to the lips. It’s an all-around great idea if you want to have beautiful lips.

But does lip balm have everything a lipstick can offer? No, it doesn’t. There are some specific differences between Carmex Supercran Lip Balm and Carmex Supercran Lip Butter.

Because lip balm is not quite as thick and sticky as moisturizing lip butter, it’s harder to apply it doesn’t feel quite as good on the lips as moisturizing lip butter does. While lip balm does protect from the sun, it’s not as effective as lip butter, because the sun’s rays cannot penetrate the moisturizing oils that makeup lip balm.

Carmex Supercran Moisturizing Lip Butter

Carmex Supercran Lip Balm is also not as strong a moisture source as Carmex Supercran Lip Butter is. It might feel a little bit like “special butter” or something similar, but the fact is, it isn’t. Just use lip balm if you want a little bit of moisturizer, and use moisturizing lip butter if you want the moisture without the excess greasiness.


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