Home ImprovementWhat Are Slate Worktops And What Makes Them Great?

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Kitchen renovations can often be a little hectic, and choosing the best might be tough. Specially when it comes to the ideal worktop you’ve been looking for. So many choices and varieties for worktops make it challenging. Slate worktops are among the most popular ones for home designs. Let us explain it to you a bit better. 

What is Slate?

Slate is a finely grained metamorphic material that is formed in layers due to the process of metamorphosis of shale over a long time. It is considered perfect for usage of slate worktops and fireplaces when polished or smoothened adequately. It’s highly durable  and can also absorb low levels of liquid. also known for its absorption of very low levels of liquid. It is available in numerous colors like black, grey, green, purple, etc. These colors are infused into the material due to the minerals compounds in the shale formation. 

Why Should You Choose A Slate Worktop?

Even though slate has been extracted from shale formations for hundreds of years, it has become a popular household name for home decor in the recent past. Here are a few favorable reasons for preferring slate for your next kitchen renovation:


It is a visually impressive material to work with and is finely grained. This makes it  one of the unconventional choices for creating the worktop surface. The fascinating texture is considered its best feature. You can easily set up a contemporary or a rustic design to go along with it. The feel of it is unique in comparison to granite, quartz, or even porcelain. 

Uniform Formation:

The procurement of large slabs of slate in the same color is very easily managed. Unlike granite and marble worktops, which sometimes have unsynchronized contours and shades due to lack of material, slate worktops tend to have a moderately consistent color. It can be used as a base for other colors. 


The water absorption rate of slate is moderately lower than its competitors. It is rendered waterproof with an index below 4%. These slate countertops can be used in your kitchen or bathrooms without worrying about the water perforation. Its surface is regarded as incredibly hygienic due to less absorption of water. 


The affordability of slate  is another reason to incorporated it in the kitchen decor. The prices are lower than that of granite and marble. It gives you the freedom to work with a larger worktop without going overboard with the budget. It can even be used in additional spaces all through the home and businesses.

Easy to Clean:

These worktops can easily be cleaned with the usage of a pH neutral cleaner  every week. Their requirement is very minimal when it comes to maintenance. One should use a soft cloth to wipe it. This has to be done to minimize scratches and stains. 

Heat Resistant:

It can deal with exceedingly high temperatures with ease. This makes it an ideal choice to be used as a kitchen worktop. One can easily place heated containers and pans on this worktop without worrying about any damage to the surface. 

Non-Reflective Material:

It’s matte and non-shiny look is very impressive and is considered very trendy and attractive. It usually works well with a kitchen decor that has stainless steel appliances to create a harmonious look for it.  


The permeability of the surface of slate allows it to be more stain-resistant in comparison to materials like granite or marble. The surface of the slate is also exceptionally sturdy and resistant to scratches. Even if scratches do occur on your slate worktop, it is not difficult to repair them. One can easily use a stain pen or mineral oil or even sandpaper to clean it away.

With all the aforementioned pros, you should consider using slate  during your next renovation. With minimal maintenance and building cost, it leaves you with more resources to make better improvements and upgrades. You won’t be disappointed by the array of colors and designs that you can easily install to build your ideal dream kitchen or workspace. 


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