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Scoliosis in its mild state that is for the curve below 20 degrees of sideways bend does not require any treatment. All you need to do is a regular visit to the doctor for a diagnosis. 

The diagnosis procedure for scoliosis is essential to know if the curve is still and does not grow with time. If the curve is still, the patients can recover from the disorder without surgery. In case the curve is under continuous growth, you may even avail the recovery. 

Plan for the Best Scoliosis Treatment in India, and you can avail the benefits for both the mild and severe scoliosis disorders. 

Continue to read the article to know about the different possible treatment options for Scoliosis.


Different Ways To Treat Scoliosis Effectively Without Complications:

The doctors in India wish to provide treatment to the patient, that does not have any post-surgical complications. 

So, their first preference is to proceed with the treatment options that are result-oriented and does not call for any complications after the treatment. 

Such treatment options for scoliosis include:


  • Back Braces:


It is usually a treatment option for those with the scoliosis curve of fewer than 20 degrees. The doctor monitors the condition of the patient, depending on the results he decides on the number of hours a patient can wear the braces. You might be guided to wear the braces continuously throughout the day or fix it during some hours of the day, and later in some parts of the night.

The brace holds the spine in place and restricts the condition from getting worse. The pair are not meant to correct your sideways curve, but if it functions correctly; your curve may not increase, and you may not require surgical treatment. 


  • Surgical Treatment for Scoliosis:


Patients with a moderate curve that is twenty-five to forty degrees and the severe curves that are higher than 50 degrees require surgery for the cure. 

The surgical treatment for scoliosis is called spinal fusion. The success of spinal fusion surgery in India is higher than 98%. It means if you plan your surgery in the country, in any case, you will not suffer any failure. 

An orthopaedic surgeon performs the scoliosis surgery. In this process, he corrects the spinal posture to the maximum extent possible; it is then held in place using the support of the rods and screws. 

For the recovery post-surgery, doctors may even suggest you follow a strict exercise regime and physical therapy for quite some time. 


Final Words:

If you want to avail the treatment for scoliosis, you can plan your medical tourism to India. The Cost of Scoliosis Surgery in India is less than any other country in the world. However, the cost of different procedures of treatment is different, and it cannot remain fixed. Still, it varies between USD 4,500 to 7,000 depending on the condition of the patient and on other price varying factors. 


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