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There are varying opinions as to what completes a house. On a technical and utilitarian point, there is no denying that a sturdy lock makes and keeps a house complete. Imagine going on a trip and constantly worrying about the security of your belongings back home. That’s why a professional locksmith comes in handy.

In this day and age, a professional locksmith potentially covers so much ground in the locksmith industry that it is hard to keep track. Still, for the sake of this post, we will cover in detail some of the various duties and responsibilities that a professional and licensed locksmith does.

This will give you a clear picture to sort out the best technician for the problem at hand!

Possible Scenarios

There are certain cases when people would require the assistance and expertise of a professional locksmith. So, they cover the issues and problems accordingly and specialize in them.

Here are common occasions when locksmiths are called:

  • Installation of new locks
  • Repairing & replacement of old locks
  • Distress calls for the above scenarios during holidays or after hours

Now, we will discuss locksmith duties and responsibilities.


In case of a displacement of the original key or in a lockout situation, a locksmith is required to die a new key or break the old lock so that residents can go inside the house or building. After that, it depends on the situation such as the condition of the lock to be repaired, rekeyed, or changed altogether. In a majority of cases, a professional locksmith can easily open a lock without permanently damaging it.

There are also instances when in the event of new owners of a place, they change the keys without changing the previous locks. This also comes in the rekeying work.

New Security Appliances Installation

According to studies, this is one of the most requested services from locksmiths. When a new building is constructed, owners and builders try to secure what is already built and the material from intruders by getting reliable locks on the entry points.

Installing is simple when you compare it to study the whole layout of the building and installing locks on the strategic points. This is where licensed and experienced locksmiths shine throughout the process.

Apart from mechanical locks and traditional appliances, modern security equipment has evolved and now Access Control Systems (ACS) is widely used in commercial buildings. There is no way an amateur locksmith can ace this job.

Key Cutting

There are instances when people are locked out of their houses because of a broken key in the slit of the lock. It is a frustrating experience, especially when it is late in the night and it is hard to find a locksmith. Professional locksmiths can pull out the broken keys without hurting the locks.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Several locksmith companies are specialized in emergency work and have dedicated teams to answer distress calls during holidays and late hours. This comes in handy when you lose the key to your place at night, break your key inside the lock, or a number of other scenarios.

Comparatively, emergency locksmiths demand higher fees for their work because of the late hour calls. So, you should only call one if the work cannot wait for the day.

Key Programming

Automobile security has made leaps and bounds in recent times. The mechanism of keyless entry and remote access offers convenience and ease to vehicle owners. But in case of a problem or an issue, you need to look out for an experienced automobile locksmith for key programming.

In this process, the transponder in the key or key fob is recoded to authenticate commands from the key holder. This is a complex task that requires modern expertise and precision tools.

Professional Duties & Responsibilities

Apart from apparent work and tasks, locksmiths are bound to;

  • Never divulge clients’ secrets, such as building layouts and design and type of hardware installed in the locations.
  • Never resort to malpractices such as costly useless repairs and replacements that could have been avoided.
  • Disclose their knowledge and standing in the field and the community.

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