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It is very important for a good routine to be sticked. If there is no time limit for eating and exercising except sleeping in the morning and sleeping, then it can cause a major disease. Experts believe that through medication you may recover for a few days, but if your routine is not correct then you can not be cured.

Diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and obesity are due to poor lifestyle or routine, which in turn leads to heart attack. Our bad habits are sometimes responsible for heart disease such as heart attack, cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular diseases. Here we are telling you about some such bad habits and ways to avoid it through your expertise.

What are those five bad habits?

Smoking: Nowadays the younger generation is becoming victims of smoking addiction. Smokers are more at risk of getting cancer and heart disease. Cigarette and alcohol not only harm the person’s lungs but it is also very dangerous for the heart.

Junk Food Consumption: The Truth of Junk Foods is not an unknown fact. The increased number of research studies obesity in childhood from fast food that showed, heart disease and diabetes and other chronic diseases.

fatty foods can increase the risk of gas, bloating, acid heart disease, such as reflux and immediate effects and long term effects such as heartburn.

Exercise of Carmi: do not exercise such as sedentary lifestyle, sedentary and lazy habits like obesity increases, which can cause many cardiovascular diseases.

Waking up late at night: Changing lifestyles have spoiled people’s sleep. Nowadays, there is a habit of waking up till late in the youth. This is often due to late night chatting or watching videos and playing games. These are very bad habits These habits cause harm to the heart. If you are also troubled by these diseases, you can make an appointment with Best Cardiologist in Kolkata, through the Internet.

Measures to Avoid Heart Diseases

Keep blood pressure and cholesterol: Keep your cholesterol level at 130 mg / dl. Also place your blood pressure around 120/80 mmHg. Blood pressure will increase your blockage twice more than 130/90. To do this, read the information below and follow them. Doctor’s advice.

Correct eating: Eat fiber food for a healthy heart. Use more salads, vegetables and fruits in the food. These are the sources of fiber and antioxidants in your diet and are helpful in increasing HDL or good cholesterol. It also keeps your digestive potential good.

Yoga, meditation and exercise: Everyday meditation and light yoga exercise everyday. It will reduce your stress and blood pressure. Will keep you active and help you control your heart disease. Exercising will not only make your heart feel full but also the whole body.

Relieve stress and be happy: A part of today’s lifestyle has become tension. The office or family, the person is surrounded by tension due to some reason. But, stress is not good at all for your heart. So try to be stress free. This will help prevent heart disease, because stress is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases.

To make the heart healthy, it is important to keep body weight normal. Your body mass index should be below 25 Calculating it, you can reduce your kilogram weight by merging it with the square of your height in the meter. You can control your weight by avoiding oil and consuming low-fiber grains and high-quality salads.


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