Health and FitnessWhat Is Moroccan Bath? Is this Available in Dubai?

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Do you want to refresh your mind, body, and soul? If so, a luxurious Moroccan Bath in Dubai can be a solution for you. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, which regulates fluid balance and body temperature. It excretes toxins and allows absorption of moisture and nutrients. The best Moroccan bath also known as Hammam can help you refresh your mind, improve skin and hair texture in the best possible way. It is good for your skin health and is considered a wonderful treatment for your entire body part if used properly.

Moroccan bath

Moroccan bath is a traditional cleaning ritual. It is spread across the Middle East and widely known as Maghrebi. People accept this ritual to clean, soften and whiten their skin. They also feel relaxed and comfortable with their tired nerves and muscles. Moreover, this age-old traditional bath also enhances the blood circulation of the body. By taking care of your skin on deeper level through a traditional Moroccan bath, you can reduce the harmful toxins and help it function as it is supposed to.

Moroccan bath in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, men and women take weekly Moroccan bath. It is an integral part of their beauty regimens. The word Hammam simply means “to warm” in Arabic. This traditional procedure is similar to the Turkish baths. The only difference is the use of Moroccan black soap. The soap is made using a mixture of the fine oils. It is crushed black olives. That’s why it is rich in hydrating Vitamin E.

There are many hotels and spa centers in Dubai that claim to offer the best Moroccan bath in Dubai.

Morocco bath provided by spa centers in Dubai

Here are the procedures you need to follow when having Morocco bath. When you choose to go for a Moroccan bath in Dubai:

  • You will be told to first enter a steam room
  • In this room, you can be lavished head-to-toe in black soap.
  • Dirt, dead skin, toxins, and impurities are extracted using a loofah.
  • Mention here that the exfoliation procedure begins after the soap is rinsed away.
  • Then you will need to have a final shower
  • A rich moisturizer is applied to the entire body.

Benefits of the bath

After having the bath with both exfoliating and moisturizing

  • It rejuvenates the skin.
  • It leaves the skin feeling soft
  • You feel like your skin is nourished, and enriched!

With the Hammam, you can feel reawakened, relaxed, and glowing head-to-toe! It is important to mention here is a Moroccan bath for men and women should be a regular occurrence as it helps to keep your skin looking it’s very best.

Finding the best Moroccan Bath in Delhi

If you want to have a Moroccan bath, you just need to find the best restaurant where you can get the best health treatment. There are many businesses listing websites where you can find the best service Moroccan bath. These sited have put together a list of the best Moroccan Bath and Massage in Dubai. They enable you to find the Moroccan Massage Center in Dubai with one click.


Moroccan bath in Dubai is very popular. But before going to avail services, it is advisable to find the spa center or hotel where you can get the best service.


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