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Online courses are a smart way to earn money. From freelancers to entrepreneurs are making the best use of online courses to generate side income. Apart from money, there are many other benefits such as: sharing one’s expertise & knowledge with the audience, earning the name or recognition, etc. However, there are different types to build an online course

➤Free Introductory Course

The first famous course type is a free introductory course. It’s an incredible way to create interest amongst people for the topic. One uses their course type as a lead generation tool. Plus, users can make a better decision whether to subscribe to the course for more information or not. Thus, it’s vital to make the introductory course interesting & enriched with authentic information. 

➤Certification Course

The next most widely used course is a certification course. This course is reliable when one presents the course like graduation and completing the course will get them a certificate. This is undoubtedly very helpful as it allows the creator to make the best use of their knowledge. Plus, their skills are highly appreciated in the market. Many people get into online course development programs to learn how to create a certificate course as it’s highly demanded. 

➤Membership Course

It’s a course where one offers one or more online courses on a subscription basis. A very intellectual way to earn high revenue. Many entrepreneurs implement this course strategy to earn side revenue. Plus, allow them to do brand building. Therefore, here the users have access to the content only when they pay their membership fee, just like in Netflix and many other streaming applications. 


Develop an online course based on webinars is again a productive strategy. A webinar is a live event held online which consists of audio or visual communication. Users sign up to attend the webinar and get real-time access to the material. 

Also, Learn Essential Considerations When Creating an Online Course 

Course Topic and Content: The foremost thing to create an online course is to research the topic. The topic should be based on one’s skills and must be well researched to build an engaging topic that results in good numbers of subscribers. 

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Target Audience: Once the topic is finalized, time to know what kind of audience will participate or show interest in the course. Here, the creator needs to learn about the audience. Make the best use of Google Analytics to gather audience insights & data.

Course Restrictions & Distribution Method: Before starting the course, one needs to ensure the distribution method. There are many ways to sell the course: charging a fee, one course for free, and the rest will be charged, membership fee, sign up, etc. 

Bottom Line

Create and Sell Online Courses With Harrison Design and Consulting. Online courses are the most profitable decision one can ever make. However, it takes tons of effort to make the course. So, good research is indeed a wiser choice before developing the course and will result in high income. 



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