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\u0110i\u1ec1u H\u00f2a Nh\u1eadt B\u00e3i Panasonic, Toshiba T\u1ea1i H\u1ea3i D\u01b0\u01a1ng Gi\u00e1 R\u1ebb Nh\u1ea5t Th\u1ecb Tr\u01b0\u1eddng - YouTubeVietnam is in the tropical monsoon climate, in which the summer is quite long, plus the influence of climate change, urbanization more and more in recent years summer temperatures tend to rise, most is in large urban areas. Everyone thinks of air conditioning to be more comfortable during hot days. However, if possible you should choose the right time to buy.
• Choose when to buy air conditioner note:
If possible, you should avoid buying air conditioners during peak season which is summer (but also in winter if you are in a cold area). The air conditioning installers are very busy during these times because the installation and maintenance will be overloaded and you may have to wait several days or even weeks before your new air conditioner is installed.
Shop before the peak season begins, so that your new gear is installed and ready when you need it most. In addition, you can also buy immediately after the peak season ends. Stores, refrigeration centers are willing to sell all the older model products with a variety of attractive discounts and promotions to make room for the new model. While the latest model products may be slightly more efficient or have new features, điều hòa nhật bãi an phúc older model that was recently replaced at a much more reasonable price could be a great option. .
• When installing a new air conditioner you should note:
– Unified installation costs immediately when the purchase of air conditioning. Most of the centers, air-conditioned shops are equipped with air-conditioning installation at a certain cost or promotion with installation. However, the cost of installation supplies is a must.
– When installing the indoor unit, for optimum cooling, the outlet should be placed near the ceiling as possible with horizontal or upright bars. When heated, adjust the downward-facing air vents because the air is warmer than the warm air.
– For the outdoor unit must be firm or firmly attached to the wall with a sturdy frame, the conduit between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit must be at least 3m long. Be sure to keep the outdoor unit away from direct sunlight, such as in the south wall or covered porch.
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