Health and FitnessWhen Should You Visit Urologist? Read This To Find Out!

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Urologists are those physicians who specialize in treating the disorders about the urinary tract and the external genital organs. These specialists treat men as well as women. But is it the right time to meet urologist in Kolkata? Here are some signs that you should pay attention to:

Urinary Tract Infection

If you are facing a burning, painful and frequent urination which is not showing any sign of abatement even after the usage of the antibiotics, then it is an indication that you may be suffering from interstitial cystitis (IC).  It can be treated with medicines, but it can be prevented by avoiding specific triggers like alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine, and chocolate.

There is Blood in the Urine

If you find that there is a lot of blood in the urine, it may not be something serious. It may be due to kidney stones which you need to get checked. It may be something complexes like a kidney or bladder cancer.

You Are Urinating Too Much or Leaking Urine

It is not that the urologists are meant only for men; they can be meant for women as well. They can manage the symptoms of the overactive bladder and the urinary continence. If it is the overactive bladder, or it is some lifestyle modifications, the medications and the surgical treatment can help in getting the symptoms under control.

Kidney Stone

They are identified by a large amount of pain on one side of the lower back. The other symptoms like severe stomach pain, blood in the urine, or the cloudy or foul-smelling urine, indicate that you may have a kidney stone.  You should immediately see your urologist as soon as you possible for the diagnosis and the treatment.

Testicular Pain or the Lumps

If you are having testicular pain for a couple of weeks, you should immediately see a urologist. Then if you have seen some lumps, it may be an indication of testicular cancer.

Urination Issues

Are you facing any trouble in urinating? It may be due to an enlarged prostrate which is not uncommon is senior citizens.  If you have suffered pain during urination, it may be caused due to the urinary tract, which is not difficult to treat. If you get the urge to urinate, you should see the best urologist platform in Kolkata.

Problems related to infertility

If you and your spouse are facing problem in conceiving, it is time to seek help from a doctor. Most infertility issues relate to males. It is crucial to see a urologist to do the same.

Intercourse Related Issues

It may be embarrassing to discuss the same with a urologist, but you should if you want to avoid the complexities later on. It may be an indicator of more significant health problem like hypertension, renal failure, or the vascular problem.


You can use the best urologist platform in Kolkata, to find one but make sure that he is a specialist and is within your budget.


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