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AdminOctober 8, 2021196 min

You have just got your custom neon word lights based on your preferences and the design you love. The time is now to decide the place to hang it. Neon lights are perfect for adding charm to any place. They may compliment any place regardless of where you choose to hang them. But to make your neon sign the centerpiece of your home, it is crucial to look for a place where you spend most of your time. By following some simple steps, you can easily choose the right place to hang your neon sign. The most suitable areas are smooth surfaces like windows or accent walls. Using simple hooks or thumbtacks, your neon word sign can fit right on the wall. 

A suction cup works well if you are hanging the sign on the window.

The only thing to remember- choose a location where your neon sign will have the most impact. You may have already decided on a place suitable for the sign. 

If you are still skeptical about it, we have got some exciting suggestions for you. 

Bring out your love for food.

We are already excited to mention this. How about you give your neon word sign a quote related to food? It can be the best thing to celebrate your love for food. Bring out the foodie inside you and show your guests your absolute love. Hang the sign at a suitable place.

If your neon sign depicts your absolute love for food, hanging it in the kitchen would work the best. If not, you can even hang it near the dining area. You won’t even feel like visiting a cafe, trust us. 

Make it a home bar

Do you enjoy making wine or a cocktail after you come home tired? Well, you deserve every sip of it.  But wine goes perfectly with good music and good lighting. Is there any better option than neon signs? Those signs are perfect to offer dim lighting and give a pleasant vibe to your home bar. Elevate your mood with a beautiful neon sign and make your space ideal for a happy home hour. Hang the neon signs near your bar table, and it’ll be good to go. 

Everyday motivation

Install the hustle neon sign in the bedroom or living room if you want your place to feel productive. Whether you work out every day or challenge yourself for productive activities, these signs can push you towards them. Every time you look at those signs, you will feel empowered to pull yourself through the challenges. It is even ideal for hanging these signs in entryways to cheer you whenever you come or leave home. 

Accent Wall

If your home has a theme, make an accent wall around it with a matching neon sign. For instance, if your home has a peaceful environment, install a neon peace sign. They can fit right on the vibe of your home. 

These signs come in colors, shapes, and sizes of your choice. They can be among the best decorative pieces of your home. Hang your signs at the right places and elevate your space in moments. 


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