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Best pipe wrench is manufactured and supplied by Eastman Hand Tools, the production of these tools are good and efficient in work. Pipe Wrench is used to open the taps and they are used by the plumbers and they are also called as plumbing tools. Some of the different types of wrenches are as follows:

Allen Wrench

Also noted as a hex key, this polygon piece of metal is also either L-shaped or T-shaped with the additional limb functioning as a handle. As a male-style wrench, this fits into the heads of screws and bolts that have a hexagonal recess.

Combination Wrench

If box-ended wrenches and open-ended wrenches had their substitutes as younger, the combination wrench would be the result. One side is a closed loop for hexagonal or square nuts, while the other end is an open U-shape.

Crowfoot Wrench

These curious open-ended wrenches have no handle. Instead, the single head is designed to attach to the handle of the ratchetand also requires extension of the socket, which can be fitted into tight places. They work frequent for handling bolts located deeper on a machine’s body when you don’t want to remove nearby parts.

Pipe Wrench

These are bigger than adjustable wrenches having F- shaped design and have a sturdier look. Used mainly by plumbers on metal pipes and fittings, the serrated jaws of this hefty tool can easily leave scratch marks behind.

Pipe wrenches available in six different types, each of which is available in many different sizes. These types of pipe wrenches are sturdy and are usually made of steel and iron.Because iron has more tensile strength property than aluminium and these wrenches are usually made up of this iron.

End Pipe Wrench

This wrench is specifically for the end pipes. As the name states it’s for the tip bits that square measure terribly near to the wall or in terribly tight areas. This wrench can have teeth within the jaws that gripe into the pipe therefore it’s easier to maneuverer it. This wrench won’t slip and makes loosening or modification finish pipes terribly simple.

Offset Wrench

This type of tube wrench was designed for pipes that square measure in tight places or at awkward angles. This wrench ordinarily incorporates a box finish that could be a closed finish wrench. It will slip vertically over a bolt head.

Compound Leverage Wrench

The compound leverage tube wrench is especially used for condemned joints as you get extra leverage once you use it. It is in the main for joints that may be frozen because of build-up, age, damage or may be locked up.

Strap Wrench

A strap wrench doesn’t have a standard wrench head however incorporates a traditional rigid handle with a strap that you simply will attach to the pipe. This is traditionally used for oddly shaped pipes.

Straight Pipe Wrench

The straight tube wrench is employed for several things and could be aa lot of ancient style of a wrench. It is sometimes fabricated from iron and has jaw hooks that ordinarily have self-cleaning threads.


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