Smartphones and Mobile PhonesWhich One Is Worth Buying In USA – Samsung Vs Iphone?

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There is always a clash between Samsung and Apple, as both they offer best smartphones and owing to a combine 60% huge market share in US mobile industry. We cannot neglect any of two and thus we conducted a comparison so that you can know either Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone is a worth buying.


Samsung launches Galaxy smartphones under different series i.e. Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Galaxy M, or so. They follow different price ranges. Samsung Note is the most premium phone series by the brand and the Galaxy Note device brings a Stylus Pen alongside it. Samsung Note mobile prices go up to USD 1,500. Galaxy S is the flagship lineup but does not come along a digital Pen and its price range is as of Note. Coming to the next, Galaxy A series is responsible for mid-range smartphones and their price range is from $300 to $700. At last, Galaxy M is the line of Samsung affordable smartphones available under $300 or even $200.

On the other hand, there are two series under which Apple usually launches its iPhones. The standard series is a flagship line of iPhones introduced every year in September and these iPhone Prices go up to $1,000 or above. Secondary is iPhone SE series, the line of Apple affordable smartphones. The least price for a brand new iPhone SE 2020 is $400.

Some Factors That Decide Which Phone is Better For You

I – The term of being the first for innovations makes a cell phone worth buying. Samsung adapts to new technologies quickly, while Apple sometime takes it long to join the race. For example, T-Mobile is already offering 5G services in USA and Apple has not yet introduced any 5G iPhone while Samsung had done this last year with the Galaxy S10 5G and now with the S20 5G. The Pop-up Camera technology and In-Display FR as compared to iPhone firstly introduced by Samsung. I am not offending Apple as it was the first with iPhone X’s Notch and Animoji (animated emoji), yet often Samsung surpasses it for being first to adapt new features. Another example is the foldable smartphone technology, we met Galaxy Fold last year and now Galaxy Z Flip. However, Apple has no foldable iPhone till the date. I am not a Judge here, but you should consider whether you be the first for experiencing new technologies or the later one.

II – A mobile OS you like the most makes a smartphone worthy either it is Samsung or Apple. iPhone runs iOS while Samsung uses Google’s Android. Both Operating Systems have their pros and cons. iOS is faster and more secure which is a plus point, but keep in mind iOS is conservative and you are not supposed to develop and test your skills easily on iOS (if beginner developer, not for a common user). You have to purchase most apps from Apple store and thus you have more control over the apps for different permissions i.e. camera, storage. iOS is easier to use, but choosing it you withdraw Google Mobile Services that come pre-installed with Android i.e. Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, YouTube etc. Now let’s see Android benefits and drawbacks. Android is not faster as of iOS but you can develop and test your own apps easily on it. Also, Android allows you to customize much better – you can install various launchers and themes (that you cannot do easily on iOS), but as a result you may have to face some bloatware too. Android offers many free apps, however you have less control over them and forced to agree the permissions at once If want that app installed.

III – Buying iPhone to justify your class does not make sense. Ask some questions to yourself. Are you a heavy mobile user? What iPhone brings to you while others not? Is it not a burden to your pocket? If your mind got the right answers, for example you are a pro gamer or photographer and need an iPhone, also it don’t bother your budget, then iPhone is the best choice. But if the situation is contrary, consider an alternate Samsung smartphone available in difference price ranges and bringing several new features. Extending it, some additional features you get with Samsung, not Apple. For example, there is no iPhone yet with a digital Pen while you can experience it with the premium Samsung Note and that costs you high just like a standard iPhone.

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