Digital MarketingWhy Are Amazon Ads Better Than Facebook For Ecommerce Businesses?

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Facebook undoubtedly has become the largest platform for marketing; however, it does not mean it is the best platform to advertise for every e-commerce business. Yes, a vast majority of adults use Facebook, but they are not there to discover new products and services. Many users consider Facebook ads as an interruption that disturbs them while using the app. On the other hand, users on Amazon App or site are specifically there to shop, therefore, they are more receptive to such ads.  In this article, we’ve enlisted four reasons that prove why businesses should choose Amazon ads to market their products and brand.

The Audience on Amazon is Ready to Buy

According to a survey conducted, forty-four percent of online shoppers begin their product searches on Amazon. It is higher than the thirty-three percent who Google before shopping. Also, according to the same survey, shoppers on e-commerce giant are more likely to purchase goods online than those on other platforms.  Amazon marketing services have made reaching the target audience and converting them into paying customers a convenient task. It provides brands the opportunity to appear before users when they are ready to buy, resulting in higher sales and revenue.

Improves Organic Ranking on Amazon

‘Search’ is the primary way customers look for products on Amazon. Shoppers browse for goods by typing certain keywords that are matched against search terms for a listed ASIN.  Apart from factors like price, availability, and customer ratings appropriate keywords search terms and phrases increase product visibility and sales.  Sales volume plays a significant role in the product’s position in search results. The high-selling products appear on top of the Amazon search results page. As the sale of a product elevates, so does its placement. Therefore, bidding on the right search terms and phrases not only increases the sales but also improves its organic rank.  Facebook ads do not provide a targeted boost to the business. On the other hand, Amazon marketing services deliver a direct benefit to the seller’s organic listing that continues to pay off even after the campaign ends.

Amazon Ads are considered trustworthy

One of the main reasons people trust Amazon ads is because of its authentic product reviews. Customer reviews are extremely influential; users trust reviews posted by existing customers.  The most popular Amazon advertisement type is Sponsored Product ads, it displays the advertised products in the user’s search results. The ad appears like a typical product listing, complete with star ratings. If the product has already gained positive feedback, the chances of customers buying it increases substantially.  While sellers can mention customer feedbacks in Facebook e-commerce ads, the target audience won’t trust these testimonials since it is the part of the ad copy. Amazon reviews are more reliable because they are posted by actual customers, therefore potential customers tend to believe the claims of quality.

Various Ad Types to Experiment With

Amazon offers three types of ads:

Sponsored Brands Ad

Formerly known as headlines ads, it displays the advertised brands or products above or below the user’s search results. These ads lead customers to custom landing pages, where they can learn more about the brand and view its merchandise.

Product Display Ad

It displays the advertised products on customer review pages or as related product suggestions. Product Display ads target the customer’s interests or specific merchandise to motivate users to purchase it.

Sponsored Product Ad

Sponsored product ads are cost-per-click ads that promote a single item or merchandise. It assists businesses in gaining visibility and increasing overall sales.  Experimenting with multiple ad options enables businesses to discover the perfect advertisement mix for increasing sales and profits.  On Amazon,  bidding on keywords rather than on customer metrics provides businesses with a better chance to appear in front of the relevant users.


Facebook is an excellent platform to create brand awareness, however, it does not promise exponential sales growth. When businesses advertise on Amazon, they are better positioned to reach users who are at the end of the buyer’s journey, i.e. closer to a purchasing decision. They know what they want and are searching for the right deal and provider on the e-commerce platform. Businesses just need to drive customers to their stores with high-quality and compelling content and images by bidding on the right keywords. However, not all sellers have the experience and the right skills set to produce valuable content and target relevant keywords. Therefore, they should hire a seasoned Amazon advertising services, who will provide them with a high-quality ad campaign to drive sales and profits. For further assistance, drop your requirements here.


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