There are many options out in the market for headphones and airpods to enjoy music, phone calls, and YouTube. So why do I carry air pods with me everywhere I go? They are expensive and can easily be lost, yet I love them. I used to make fun of Apple AirPod users until I became one. My relationship with these AirPods was that I initially hated them. I thought that the moment I got a pair I’d lose them. Instead I’d just chuckle and use my wired earbuds while I was commuting and at work. It was then after one of my coworkers began to use it at the office that I decided to give them a try, after all, if they were working for them then surely they couldn’t be that bad. There are three reasons why I love my airpods.


  • The Airpods are lightweight and small. They could fit in almost any of my pockets.
  • They work seamlessly with the Apple product line. If I want to connect my airpods with my iPhone, it’s a quick and easy process. If I want to instead listen to a YouTube video from my MacBook Pro, I can go into my System Preferences and change up the audio without much hassle.
  • Something else that should be noted about the AirPods is that they pause whatever video you listen to when you take them out of your ears. This is a perk that I never realized I even needed in my life since I was so used to ‘pausing my videos before pulling out my earbuds,

If you are an Apple User, then I’d definitely recommend them. It’d probably take a bit for you to get used to them, but they come in handy. They sync quickly between your MacBook and iPhone. There are also accessories for your apple airpods that i recommend for those who fear losing them.

Spigen AirPods Strap

These AirPods straps keep your two earbuds together, preventing one ‘Pod from falling out your ear and getting lost. They also remove the weird look of the AirPods, replacing it with something a lot more usual. If you hate the looks or questions you get from wearing Apple’s latest in-ears, this might be a good choice. Available in white and black.

AirPod Cases

Cases can be found on Amazon to add some color to your AirPods. They also turn your wireless AirPods to wired ones that you would find difficult to lose. The bonus perk of both of these accessories is that these make your AirPods stand out and if there are multiple people in your household that have it, then it’s easy to identify which case is yours.

AirPods Ear Hooks

These soft silicone cover make your new wireless earbuds more comfortable to wear, and also make them less likely to fall out thanks to their unique winged tips. The covers are available in a pack of three, each with a different color. Try them out and see what you think!

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