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The learning of a kid begins as soon as he or she is born. First, they learn to sit, then stand and slowly they learn to walk and talk. So, the learning process never really stops. Soon, kids are ready for their intellectual learning. That’s when parents start to worry about schooling. Shortlisting a school is no easy task. You have to consider a lot of factors before you finally shortlist one school. Some common things that rents consider while analyzing each institute are :

  • Distance of the school from home
  • Activities provided 
  • School timings
  • Education fees
  • extracurricular activities
  • Area of the school

See, that’s a lot to analyze. Some parents buy a house that has a school nearby. Well, we don’t judge them, after all a school plays an important role in a kid’s initial learning. Some like to opt for district schools while some run for the best international schools in Singapore. If you think, why is it important to pick the best school for your child? Well, for that, it is important to understand the role of a school in a kid’s life. Following are some reasons that explain the importance of picking the right school for kids. 

Career field expanding

Some schools provide career guidance more than others. They start the guidance at a decent age when kids start to show their interest. Every kid has a different skill set and interests and a good school helps to fuel the kids by guiding them on how to make it a career. Though career choice does not matter in the initial stage of learning before you will know, your kid will be grown up and then you have to decide the high school for him or her again and you know that’s clearly not a very simple task. Now you know schools help in giving direction to your kid. 

They learn Values and ethos

A school is responsible to induce values and ethos in your kids. You must be doing everything right at home, teaching him or her the right values, but if they are not getting the same environment at school, or worse, getting the opposite, it’s going to reflect in your child. So, this is a parent’s choice if they want their kids’ curricula to involve religious values. Also, your kids have internet access at school, so, it’s on parents to pick a school that ensures a focus on safe internet use. 

The harsh reality of schools

This hurts to say but most parents choose prestige over practicality while selecting a school. It’s a myth that enrolling your kid in an expensive school is going to make them excel in studies. You need to cut off the school that focuses on commercialization instead of learning. You can trust private primary schools in Singapore for better learning. 

These are the reasons why selecting a school for your kids carefully is important. 

  1. Environment

  2. You know your kid’s learning is highly affected with the environment he or she spends the most time in. 


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