General Information and NewsWhy is MBBS Abroad a Good Option for Indian Students?

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MBBS admission in abroad colleges is a dream for many Indian students hoping to become doctors in a few years. When you consider fewer medical seats in the country and the better infrastructure of universities abroad, planning for MBBS admission in foreign universities seems like a good idea. Are you looking for more reasons to study MBBS abroad? Read on to know what makes it a good option for Indian students.

World-class infrastructure

When you take MBBS admission in abroad colleges, you have access to high-end infrastructure with modern facilities. You will get to work in medical laboratories, use the latest medical equipment, and have sufficient resources for experiments and research. The infrastructure of the medical institutes is a lot better than most of the medical colleges of the country. 

High fees of the private medical colleges 

Private medical colleges have a high fee. Considering the cost of study at an Indian private medical college, a student can spend the same amount to take MBBS admission in abroad schools. In fact, in some foreign medical colleges, the costs are even higher than the Indian medical institutes. Thus, choosing an abroad medical college seems like a good idea.

The facility to also practice in India

The National Medical Commission (NMC) approves the degrees received from MBBS admission abroad. The ones who have a medical degree from foreign universities also can appear and qualify in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination to get a medical license to practice medicine in India.

Gaining international recognition

Students taking MBBS admission in abroad colleges have international recognition backing them when they come to India. Besides, getting a medical degree overseas allows students to interact with teachers and peers from different cultures, communities, and countries. Eventually, it helps the students grow at both professional and personal levels.

No need for separate entrance tests for abroad MBBS admission

Students planning to go abroad to study MBBS do not need to sit for a separate entrance test for admission. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the NEET entrance test in India for medical access. Those who qualify for the NEET UG entrance test and score over 50 per cent in PCB and English in 10+2 are eligible to take admission in the foreign medical institutes.

Personality development

It is a lifetime experience to study abroad. By taking MBBS admission in abroad colleges, students can study in a place with faculty and students from various backgrounds that are different from their own. In researching, they can exchange ideas, learn new languages, and become more confident. Such soft skills are crucial for someone going to be a doctor in future. The students also learn to be independent and responsible.

The bottom line

For sure, studying MBBS in a foreign university is a good idea for more reasons than one. So, it is high time for you to start looking into the matter and figure out the opportunities available for you.


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