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Why Is Turkey Fast Becoming a Real-Estate Investment Haven?

Are you looking for investing in real-estate? Then your decision to invest in Turkey can bring you profits that you might have never imagined. The country has a growing tourism industry and offers a full-service resort, excellent infrastructure and a wide range of properties to choose from. Want to know in detail what makes Turkey or Antalya real estate a preferred choice for real-estate investors? Let’s have a look:

Growing Economy

In recent few years, the Turkish economy has been the fastest growing across the world surpassing Chinese and India’s as well. With 7.22% GDP, the growth has been impressive. The tourism sector leads with 1.5 million visitors coming to the country within a very first month.  And its effect was also seen in the hotel occupancy rates, and room prices also saw a significant rise. According to STR global data, the Turkish hotel occupancy rates rose almost 61% in Jan which was a healthy 28 percent rise against the previous year.  The average price of a room also increased to EUR 60 in Jan which was healthy 10.5 percent rise. These positive signs have affected the prices of the real-estate as well, and it is visible in the booming real estate market here.  You can easily find the real-estate format that you want in here.

Foreigner Friendly Investment Environment

The government has also played its part by creating an environment-friendly policy which attracts the foreign investors to invest in the market here.  When you are trying to enter Turkey, you don’t have to obtain a visa as it is a part of the European Union. The government here is following the European standards, and you can feel it in all the areas of the life. It is why foreigners coming to the country get a feel a Europe. As a foreigner, you will not face any difficulty in communicating with the local as they speak English. Earlier there were too many challenges in buying the property here, but things have changed tremendously with internet taking the central role. Now as the process has gone online and hassle-free as well. It means that there are fewer challenges to investing in here.

Ease of Buying Property

Here are simple steps following which you can buy the property. The first thing that you will have to do is to get a buyer’s tax number which is given to all. It facilitates the official transactions in buying the property in the name of the buyer. The next step is to open a bank account in a Turkish bank. Simple procedures are followed, and you need the passport and the tax number to do that. There are many choices of currency that are provided. The registration of the contract of sale has many things that are written in English and the local language as well. This contract is signed between the buyer and the real estate company. A small booking amount has to be paid when this contract is being signed. But at the time of receiving a taboo or proprietary document, you have to pay the entire amount in full. As a buyer, you can find the property you need whether it is a luxury villa, a large apartment or a studio apartment.

Good Returns on Investment

When you decide to sell the property after some time you are sure to get high returns as the economy is growing at a fast pace and buyers are always looking for properties with great value.


Thus it is worthwhile buying Antalya real estate, so if you are planning to buy property, the place may be Turkey!

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