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Mahmoud ABJuly 4, 2020437 min

Through the innovation of technology, everything you use in your household has innovated as well over the years. Every appliance in the kitchen has done the same, everything has become smaller, more compact, portable—and with a lot of added perks which you can use. Blenders, over the years, have innovated just as much especially with the trend that you can have this even handheld. The design of sophisticated machinery as we know it today evolves throughout the years. Household appliances have become essential every day. Always more efficient and more design. Have you ever wanted a good fresh smoothie but you can’t make it because you’re away from home? Now you can satisfy your desires at any time by buying a smoothie blender or portable blender. If you are the kind of person who is always on the go, skipping breakfast then this blender will be a blessing in disguise for you.

It is a multi-function device, small in size, perfect for mixing various ingredients to make various recipes.

With it, you can make  fruit or vegetable juices ,  sauces  and  smoothies,  but also  cocktails  and  milkshakes . The powerful motor effortlessly sprays fruits, vegetables, baby food and super foods into incredible smoothies.  Its ability to extract nutrients and vitamins is perfect for infants and those who want to keep in shape. It is also used to break food and facilitate chewing for the elderly.

This blender has a powerful motor with stainless steel blades.  It comes with a USB adapter, which gives it several charging mode. It is a rather powerful blender for its small size. Another of its qualities is its ability to quickly dissipate heat after use. It comes in automatic stop function too, Easy to clean. While the blades are harsh on the contents, they are definitely not going to hurt your hands in any way.

By preparing 100% natural juices from Portable blenders, you open the door to the wide variety of nutrients in fruit. They do not contain fats and are rich in vitamins A, B and C. They also have a high content of minerals important for the growth of the child. Regular consumption of vitamin-rich juices for children will make children more receptive to other flavors. It is an easy to carry device. You can take it everywhere. It doesn’t take up much space. Portable blenders come in various sizes, models and have different features.

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Portable 4 Blades Blender Juicer Cup USB Rechargeable Electric Automatic 


– Portable electric blenders juice cup, mini-charged juice cup, easy to carry, put in a bag, put on the car, or put it in your hand; you can squeeze out fresh juice for you at any time!
– Charging performance: USB charging port, any Android mobile phone charging cable can be universal, computer, charging treasure USB socket to charge at any time.
– Applicable scenarios: at home, at the office, at school, at the hospital, outdoors. Fresh juice, milkshake can be served at anytime, anywhere

– Capacity: 380ml
– Blade material: 403 stainless steel
– Motor voltage: DC 3.6V
– Motor speed: 22000r/m (no load), 15000r/m (load)
– Working current: 10 – 12A
– Blade: 4 pieces

Mahmoud AB

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