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Quality is one of the essential aspects while purchasing neon signs. Regardless of whether you need neon signs for one-time use or permanent decor, considering the quality should always come on top. Just like you prefer the quality while purchasing other products, it should be the same when it comes to neon signs. How your neon light signs are made makes them precious. We will discuss why the quality of neon light signs is essential in this blog. 

We will tell you what makes neon signs perfect so that the next time you shop them, you get your hands on the right one. There are different types of neon signs, production methods, and LED light certification. 

What are neon signs?

Neon is novel gas that was used in the past to create glass signs. The gas was responsible for giving the glass neons that red light. Furthermore, the gas is where neon signs got their name. 

The science behind the making of this thing has remained the same. Neon LED lights are made from glass tubes. The tubes are filled with gas-like mercury through which the tubes get their color.

Creating neon signs is a complicated and expensive process. They also have a lot of pros and cons. It is challenging to install them and shift them to a new location.  

Not all neon signs are crafted similarly.

The LED neon signs that are not of premium quality are made by attaching the letters on a board. Only a few LED signs manufacturers use the advanced method, that is, by carving the letters in the acrylic board. Neon IFIC sells the neon light signs crafted in the advanced method. They are more robust, have a clear design, and are stable. 

Sticking the design to an acrylic board

Sticking the neon sign to an acrylic board is one of the standard methods. Most sellers use it. They stick the design on a sticker that is attached to the board. The letters are cut out separately and stick to the board.  

Board Carving

Board carving is the crafting method most commonly used by studios. They carve the sign into an acrylic board and create the niche by inserting the LED ribbon. Then they cover it with a silicone tube. 

The Quality of LED

The quality of neon LED signs depends on the quality of LED. If you want your neon signs to light evenly and last long, make sure the LED light is of the right quality. Or you should choose to shop from a reliable store to get a quality LED neon sign. High-quality LED brings uniform distribution of light throughout the neon sign. 

Choose the Right Quality 

When you are there to buy a neon sign, keep in mind the following points.

  • The LED lights should be offered with a certification. 
  • The LED lights should be manufactured by a renowned manufacturer
  • The neon light sign should be crafted in the board carving method 
  • The signs should be visible
  • The neon design should be effortless and light. 

Shop the best quality neon signs at Neon IFIC. 


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