Digital MarketingWhy Should Digital Marketers Consider Doing an MBA?

antilalishaJuly 4, 2020346 min

Many people who make it in digital marketing consider themselves outliers. They are professionals who made it without getting indoctrinated in the traditional education system. The success of many digital marketers shows that traditional degrees are not the only way to become a leading professional and have a good career.

This is why many professionals in digital marketing don’t have degrees that other top professionals do such as an MBA. To be successful in digital marketing, there is no apparent need to go to a B-school and learn management. Professionals can find success through their tactical and creative application in digital marketing. 

That being said, the combination of a sound digital marketing education and an MBA is worth considering. There are many examples of how modern digital marketers are disrupting the field and quickly climbing the ladder of success with an MBA degree at their side. Instead of dismissing the possibility of taking up an MBA course outright, digital marketers must consider the benefits of the proposition. In this article, we discuss some reasons why digital marketers must consider doing an MBA. 

Gain Legitimacy

A truly skilled digital marketer is capable of being a valuable asset to the biggest companies of the world. However, the biggest companies of the world often have a very exclusive pool of professionals they hire from. It would be difficult for even an experienced and renowned digital marketer to get a job in a truly big company without a big degree certification such as an MBA. Digital marketers have to understand that they can have a better career if they combine their digital marketing skills with the legitimacy of an MBA.

Add Management Skills to Portfolio

Digital marketers don’t learn skills like management and leadership while learning their craft. These are things professionals learn through an MBA program. In order to grow in a field, a professional has to demonstrate a high level of management skills. 

In MBA trains students to become good managers and leaders. These are skills that can come in handy of digital marketers who wish to grow beyond the technical bounds of their field and become leaders in their respective sectors. An MBA can add a managerial dimension to digital marketing knowledge which can be a very potent combination. 

In Conclusion

Doing an MBA is often considered an overrated exercise by many, but it does have its uses. In this article, we discuss why digital marketers should consider doing an MBA and enhancing their career stability. 

About the Author – Shibu Jain is a veteran in marketing, working as a marketer since before digital marketing became popular. Currently, he is a consultant at, best & top  digital marketing institute in Delhi.  


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