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In today’s scenario when people are addicted to their smartphones, one needs to focus on mobile advertising to stay competitive. If your online marketing strategies don’t focus on it, you will miss a lot of action.

When we talk of digital marketing tips on mobiles, we need to figure in social media as according to a survey an average user spends 30 percent of the total time spent online on social media activities. Mobile users love to go through the social media posts on their devices and they are more likely to share them from their phones rather than when they surf through the social sites on desktops. If you believe the data on Pinterest, 75% of the posts on it are from mobile devices.

Thus, it is a no-brainer that the marketing industry professionals lay strong emphasis on mobile advertising. If you see in detail, the mobile penetration is to the extent that nearly 63% of the world population owned a mobile phone in 2016 and by 2019 it is expected to go up to 69%. If we take the data in the developed nations, this percentage is much higher. In the U.S, it stands at 91 percent. It simply means that 91 people out of every 100 are walking around with their personal advertising platform. All you need to do is showcase your product to them on that platform.

What Is It That Makes Social Media and Mobile Advertising a Killer Combination?

The whole idea of marketing is to drive traffic, which ultimately results in sales or conversions. For this, the marketing agencies make use of various methods like pay per click, banner ads etc. They make use of traditional display ads as well as mobile ads on different social platforms. If you compare the data on these two, it is found that while the traditional ads can only garner the click-through rate of 0.05 percent, it is the mobile ads on the social circuits that command double of this click-through rate. That is a whopping 100% increase. So, why will the marketing agencies not focus on mobile advertising?

Another reason that makes the mobile advertising so crucial is that it is very easy to share information on it. People surf social networks many times during the day on their mobile devices. Thus, they act as an excellent venue for native advertising. Such ads easily integrate with the mobile news feeds without distracting the users, but at the same time get their attention too. This way, the users find the experience good and they are more likely to give their attention to the ads that are slyly injected at the right places.

Which Platforms Are the Best Bets?

Now that we are convinced about the effectiveness of mobile advertising, we need to figure out which social media platforms will be the best choice. All platforms have their own strengths and if we compare the most common ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Facebook emerges to be the clear winner with 2 billion monthly users. None is close to it with the second spot being taken by Instagram with 700 million users a month. Posting the ads on Facebook simply means that you have the opportunity to advertise your product to 2 billion people, which is phenomenal.

The whole digital marketing industry is at work using all the tips and tricks of the trade – right from finding a platform where an ad can be placed to engaging customers, driving the traffic to the landing page and treating them with freebies in exchange of their contact info like the email. Once they get emails, they can add them to their database to use it for introducing their other products and services.

A parallel exercise happens for optimizing the website for good user experience, app store optimization and enhancing the rankings of the website and web pages on the SERPs. The marketers, on the other hand, target their ads keeping the demographics, age, interest and sex in mind and then place target ads on social platforms. This helps in getting the attention of the targeted audience more prominently.


Mobile advertising has immense potential and reaches, hence it is natural that the marketing agencies focus on mobile advertising a lot. It’s only that they do a deep research on what kind of ads will work and on which platform they should place them to get the best return on investment.

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