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Ganesha is one of the most important deities in Hindu religion. The lord is worshipped at the beginning of any puja. Not just in the Eastern part of the world, this deity is very famous among other parts of the world as well. Symbolically, the Ganeshahas a huge significance and hence the perfect choice for keeping in the house.Ganesha is the perfect symbol for calmness and composure.The lord is supposed to inspire a peaceful environment and give luxury and ambience. Placing Ganesha in one’s home has a deeper significance than most people realise. You can go for a Ganeshwall hanging online if you don’t have a suitable place for an idol.

Symbolism of the idol

Symbolically speaking, Ganesh stands for a lot of things. His big head is for thinking big things while the large ears encourage people to listen more and the small mouth is for speaking less. Also, his small eyes tell the worshipper to concentrate on the work at hand. If you look carefully at the idol you will find that he has one tusk which is to show that you should keep only the good thing and throw away the bad. This trunk is a symbol of adaptability and efficiency. It is believed that a trunk that is a little towards the left hand is best for placing in the house. This particular posture is supposed to represent success and happiness. The trunk can also be tilted towards the right but such a Ganesha might be a little hard to please. It represents the sun’s power and can apparently cause harm to the devotees if all the rituals are not followed properly. The hand of the Ganesha is supposed to shower blessing and protect people who follow the spiritual path. The other hand containing the Modak is supposed to depict the rewards of following the right lifestyle. His large stomach symbolises everything available in life, both the good and the bad.

Essentials of the statue

Lord Ganesha helps in removing all troubles and brings prosperity and success to his followers. He is also the lord of happiness and joy. If you have a Ganesh statue or a Ganesha split painting, then you should place it in the north-eastern direction of your house. Alternatively, you can also place it in the meditation room. This helps in creating a positive atmosphere in the house and reinforcing the strength of success and power.

The Ganesh idols are available in different colours and of various materials. People who seek peace happiness and prosperity should place a white statue in the home because the colour is representative of spirituality and purity. A vermillion statue represents spirituality present in mankind and the opening of the doors to knowledge.

While purchasing the statue of Ganesha ensure that the modakand mouse are present in it. The same goes for a ganesha wall hanging online. These two symbols are an integral part and complete it. The mouse is symbolic of material desire which should be ridden to complete the meaning of life but it should never be given such importance to disturbed your peace and tranquillity. The Modak is symbolic of pleasure which is left untouched so that people do not get distracted by it. You should not place more than one Ganesh idol at the altar since it will be counterproductive.

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