Education and TrainingWill Technology Eliminate Jobs in Human Resources Jobs?

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From a buzzword, artificial intelligence has come a long way. Its presence can be felt in various spheres of our life—from home assistants like Amazon Echo which recognize voice to understand and prescribe solutions, to recommendations on Netflix and Spotify.

Similarly, in the work sphere, numerous tasks are being automated. Work that was earlier performed by humans are now performed by machines or software applications. Large robotic arms are prime examples of this.

These small technological innovations are taking over tasks which were earlier performed by humans. To a large extent, these tasks take away the pain and make tasks convenient and save time. HR tech, which is a term used to collectively refer to technologies optimizing human resources operations, is making HR processes more streamlined and effective.

Examples of AI in human resources

Recruitment — From sourcing candidates to scheduling interviews, new age applicant tracking systems allow HR professionals to save a lot of time spent in recruitment. Some AI-powered applicant tracking systems can score resumes and tell the possibility of a candidate fit for a role.

Additionally, some applications go as far as offering candidate assessment tests or at least integrating with an assessment tool, to offer an end-to-end seamless recruitment experience.
AI recruitment is up for more progress,

Payroll management – Payroll is one of the complex areas, as some employee might get incentives, bonuses and reimbursement, while some might not. Payroll management applications with in-built calculators for incentives, reimbursement, and no other monetary benefits make this job less tiresome.

Employee management – Tasks like attendance records, leave records, insurance records, and more are available to employees without having to speak to HR. All queries and questions related to employee benefits are available through applications. This is one of the most prominent use of HR technology across the industry.

Need for technology in human resources

Seemingly, it looks like technology is pervading human resources and is making hr professionals redundant. But there’s so much more that technology isn’t yet capable to do. In recruitment, whether a candidate is lying about his past experiences or his expectations still can’t be judged by a software.

Culture fit is still a territory which machines can’t predict for a candidate. It requires human discretion to check if a candidate would rightly fit in a company culture. HR technology has taken us as far as streamlining HR operations and making it faster, there’s still a lot that technology needs to do to match up with human discretion.

In many cases, applications enabling above mentioned operations require human resource professionals to operate them. So at the end of the day, human resources are required to manage these tasks. In a nutshell, technology isn’t going to replace humans completely at all. To operate machines and technologies, human intervention will be required. In some cases, like assessing a candidate’s abilities, psychology, or addressing employees queries related to incentives or insurance plans would need human assistance.


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