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john millerSeptember 8, 2021275 min

Gone are the days when learning was associated with classrooms, teachers, a bunch of students, and a blackboard. Amidst the virus outbreak, the lifestyle of people has changed, and so has the education system. Kids were more disciplined as they had a fixed, strict routine. Nowadays, kids can just open one eye and sit for the online class. The following points support why investing in the best kindergarten books is better than online learning if your kid is just starting their learning. 

Workbooks VS online learning 

Books Improve reading and writing

Opening the debate with a very obvious point that we all know is that learning from books improves an individual’s reading and writing quality. It’s a fact that when you comprehend what you have read, printed books beat the digital. Yes, the majority of people indeed find it harder to remember what they read online than in books. So, books are better than online reading for young readers. 

Books require extra effort

Books make you work hard. Do you know why? It’s because, when you are preparing from books, you need to work harder to get solutions, while in online learning, you can just google anything with a click of a flick. This kind of shortcut is not really good for young learners. 

Online study stress on eyes

Nowadays, even little kids are forced to attend classes online. Even if the kid is not enrolled in the school yet, the early learning starts on the phone. Parents do it because it’s an easier option without realizing that the extended screen time is really bad for their little ones. Screen time strain the eyes, and kids nowadays are more prone to dry eye symptoms. This is the main reason why more kids struggle with bad eyesight these days. We understand that you want your kid to start learning early, but for that, trust the best kindergarten workbooks instead of handing him or her your phone. 

Online distractions 

Another drawback that comes with online learning is the distractions. When your kid is locked up in a room in the name of attending class or even while doing homework, it’s very easy to get distracted in the online world. So many ads keep popping up; there are other apps on the cell phone. All this can distract the child easily, which affects learning. It is easier to concentrate when kids are reading from books. 

Now you know how online learning is different from traditional learning and how both affect an individual. Now it’s completely up to you what method of learning you want to use for your kid.

john miller

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