Balloon Crafts to Use in Your Next Event Decor

Wow! Balloon Crafts to Use in Your Next Event Decor!

Balloons are fun itself. But they often work as a great decorative option. It’s unique, versatile and of course easy to make crafts that you can use for your next event décor. Well, all you need is some really simple materials to bring out the best item for your party or perhaps occasion. Today in this blog we are going to tell how you can add wow factor using balloon décor.

Below written are six balloon decoration ideas that you can give a try too. To find out more, keep scrolling down!

1. Rainbow balloon birthday wreath

Rainbow balloon birthday wreath

The first one is a rainbow balloon birthday wreath. We are totally aware how without balloons the birthday party is absolutely incomplete. Because of which the rainbow balloon wreath is a great idea for the party. All you need is to get a different kind of colourful balloons. Once you have gathered the balloons, it’s time to arrange them in form of a wreath. Remember, we are talking about rainbow balloon wreath hence; the color should in the pattern of VIBGYOR. Place the floral pin on each of the balloons. Later insert them together into the wreath. Ensure you put them together closely so they look in the bunch all good together.

2. Cut and paste balloon hens

Cut and paste balloon hens

Kids are the true lovers when it comes to balloons. They find it colorful, unique and something that brings smile on face cheerfully. Therefore another creation of balloons is the cut and paste balloon hens. Firstly, get a huge balloon of your favourite color. Fill it with the air. Now here’s the main point. Bring craft papers together and draw the cute parts of a hen. Cut it with the help of scissors. Always keep someone next to you whenever you are using scissors. Once you cut down the designs, stick the parts on the balloon making it look like a hen. Likewise, you can make chickens with the small balloons.

3. Floral hot air balloon centre piece

Floral hot air balloon centre piece

Making a themed balloon is the most amazing thing. Because then everything looks so well coordinated. For a floral hot air balloon centerpiece, get a small plastic glass or to avoid use paper glass. Paint it in a floral pattern. Just like a real hot air balloon you can use the straws and stick it to the balloon and then inside the glass. And guess what? If you are using helium air balloons then they are actually going to float. Isn’t that cool?

4. Macramé balloons

Macramé balloons

Macramé balloons might look bit tricky in creating. But, if you follow the particular pattern then chances are you will end up doing well. It’s a series of the knot in decorative patterns. To start with you can check the YouTube videos or perhaps search on the internet. Once you have created the patterns then you will need to hang the balloon inside. Use it for your party decors.

5. Balloon fruit garland

Balloon fruit garland

One of our favourite ideas from the above-written ones is the balloon fruit garland. It’s adorable and pretty simple to use. Get all different color balloons together. Ensure that few of balloons are fully inflated while rest of them is partly. Tie knot one after the other. Start arranging them in form of garland. There are balloons of unique shape available. For instance in fruit slice shape. Get them through any balloon bouquet delivery services. Now start arranging the balloons and tie them against the last balloon. For more you can also check out on the internet.

6. Giant balloon lollipops

Giant balloon lollipops

Lollipops are every kid’s favorite. They are the cutest DIY available on the internet. Simply get a huge balloon together, paint it according to your theme or the color you prefer. Later on, stick a tube at the end, let it dry. Once it is dried, cover up with a plastic wrapper and tie ribbon around it. There you go! Simple isn’t it?

So, that was all about the different ways of using balloon crafts for your next event décor. If you have other ideas, then don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section. Also, do try the above-written ideas and let us know about your experience.

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