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If we talk about our eyes, it’s a very sensitive part of human body and our eyes really need proper care. A little harm to any part of our eyes can bring to a major loss of vision. No doubt we people spend a long time on computers,

Watching TV, or reading in dim lights, thus stressing our eyes.  Without notice it our eyes gradually going downhill. Therefore it’s really very essential to give our eyes a little attention. We should always stay away for harmful activities and games that can damage our eyes.

So here are a few tips to improve your vision, add the following foods in your diet plan.

  • Vegetables and fresh Fruit items are very good for eyes. In fruits, oranges, peaches, squash, and the apricots are filled with beta carotene, that can our body system to convert it into the vitamins A. Vitamins A is really very important for healthy eyes. It’s the vitamin that is an essential nutrient that can fight main eyes diseases such as GLAUCOMA, cataract, and loss of sight at night.
  • Vegetables and the fruits are also a great source of vitamin C, it’s another strong anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidant and the zinc are considered to secure the eyes towards macular damage.
  • Green leafy fresh vegetables like spinach, Brussels sprouts, lettuce and cabbage are rich resources of lute in, cardioids, and zeaxanthin that can protect against macular damage and decrease the threat of cataracts.
  • Citrus fruits, nut products, wheat germ, and egg are wealthy in Natural vitamins A, C, and E that perform a significant role in producing our vision sharpened and healthful.
  • Brilliantly colored fruit items and fresh vegetables consist of the most anti-oxidants, which can help to secure our eyes from decreasing harm that can trigger age-related eyes diseases.

It’s Very good that if you are taking a healthy diet plan, but you should give your eyes sufficient rest. While going out in the sun light you should use sunglasses. One must go to the Doctor at least once in whole year, because care is much better than eyes cure.


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